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Domestic Violence and Battery Law and Petitions for Domestic Violence Injunctions / Restraining Orders A domestic violence charge or arrest occurs when someone injures or commits any violent offense against another who is related. Usually it involves a family member, significant other or spouse.  An injunction for protection against domestic violence is usually filed as well.  The arrest can be for either:  1. Assault or Battery 2. Sexual Battery  3. Stalking 4. False Imprisonment.

There are severe penalties for a Domestic Violence charge.There are statutory penalties and possible enhanced penalties, such as mandatory jail time, mandatory battery intervention program, unability to seal the criminal record, gun restrictions and concealed weapons permit revocation.

The legal consequences of domestic battery charge:

  •     Permanent criminal record
  •     Mandatory jail time if there were injuries
  •     For non-citizens this can be treated as a deportable offense
  •     Cannot seal criminal record (even if adjudication was withheld)
  •     Mandatory counseling

The legal fines and Penalties:

Domestic Battery is first degree misdemeanor, it is punishable by up to $1000 fine and up to 1 year in jail.

In addition to the statutory penalties, domestic violence chargesmay carry enhanced penalties, as follows:

  •     Minimum mandatory five days in jail
  •     Mandatory 26-29 weeks long batterers intervention program
  •     Cannot seal or expunge your criminal record (even if adjudication is withheld)
  •     Forfeit your right to have a gun while on probation, even for a misdemeanor
  •     Your concealed weapons permit will be revoked